A Group for the Fun. For the Families. For the Fabulous.
This group was established for moms (and dads) to make new friends, answer all of your questions, find out what is going on in our town and helping Farmingdale families and the Farmingdale community. Our group has now grown from a simple Facebook group to a tight knit community group that members are proud to be a part of.
How the moms helped us grow
We started our Facebook group in January 2013 and saw an immediate spark in interest from the Farmingdale moms community. We decided to take our idea to the next level by forming Farmingdale Fabulous Moms Group, Inc. and Fabulous Moms Helping Families (FFMG Inc. a nonprofit organization pursuant to section 402). Our goal is to build a business that promotes the Farmingdale community and family values, while also assisting local families in need through our nonprofit.


We strive to create an environment where members feel comfortable to voice their opinions and share their information without fear of persecution.

Members of this group must be current or past residents of Farmingdale, with an interest in the community.

Our social media pages are for fun conversations and local information.  We provide a platform on our website for businesses to showcase what’s new with them.  Contact us for details.

Feel free to post on our various blogs or social media pages.  Your involvement is what makes our little group so great.