Can a business join the group?

Businesses that have an interest in the group may join, but may not join for the sole purpose of advertising.

How can I purchase Farmingdale Fabulous Moms merchandise?

Click on the Farmingdale Fabulous Moms Fun tab and then click Merchandise.

How can I advertise on your website?

Contact us via the contact form or the advertise with us link.

How old do you have to be to join the group?

21 and up.

Why are dads in the group if it's called Fabulous Moms?

It started out as single dads joining, but other dads wanted to know what was going on in the schools.  Some of the dads also own businesses in Farmingdale and provide great info and updates to our group.

Do you have to be a mom to join this group?

No, you don’t have to be a mom.  You can be a dad as well or a current or past Farmingdale resident (or residing in the Farmingdale School District).  Farmingdale Fabulous Moms Group reserves the right for final decision.