A Farmingdale, Fabulous, Fashionista’s Guide To Shopping, While Saving Some Coin!

With a change in the weather, one might think of how they can easily transition from one season to another, using today’s current fashion landscape, as influence to make the seasonally appropriate changes in one’s wardrobe, all whilst still saving money. To be a budget conscious fashionista, there isn’t much one needs, except for a few basic shopping pointers and a push in the right direction. By following these simple suggestions, one will certainly be able to transition into a new spring wardrobe, in no time at all and look very chic in the process.


Tip Number One:

Make sure you are 100%, in love and not just like with the pieces that catch your eye, before leaving the store. And, be sure to try on the pieces your taking, before you leave. While this may seem like a hassle in the moment, it will save headaches down the road, when it comes to fit and the overall look of the piece on you. These are important tips to remember, as if a piece is on final clearance, a lot of stores won’t allow for returns, in the event of damage, inappropriate fit, etc. So, taking the time to try things on and allow yourself the chance to pause and think about how much you really need, each individual piece, as this will really save so much trouble in the long run. Also, if you are buying from a consignment or thrift shop, by trying garments on before purchasing them, you can see if any necessary garment tweaks, would be worth spending the extra money on, once the piece is actually yours for the taking.


Tip Number Two:

Consider, the season coming up and what’s typically worn throughout each season. You can mix fun patterns, with classic seasonal colors or vice a versa. However, keep in mind what starts out as a fun, cheerful, whimsy, nod to the season, can go overboard, very very quickly. Sometimes, moderation is really a fashionista’s best friend. Classic styles, fits, patterns, and colors, never hurt anyone and have remained chic throughout the ages. Try pairing blue and white stripes with a classic, yet basic solid color. Or a bold floral print, with neutral colored accessories. A bold colored garment pairs well, with accessories in classic colors.


Tip Number 3:

Know your favorite store’s well and research their policies well, in regards to things like returns, coupon limitations or exclusions. Every store is different, whether a chain store or a small, independent boutique. So, one store’s policy can seem radically different, from their competition’s. The fine print may not always seem fair or reasonable, but it’s better to be a well informed and organized shopper, then to be caught by surprise or off guard, while in store shopping or checking out at the register. Coupons can be a life saver and a shopper’s best friend, but can also many problems too. Also, devise a budget and think of an ultimate number, your comfortable with spending overall, before factoring things in like coupons or other discounts. Once, the budget is set, do not deviate from it. Straying from the budget, only leads to frustration, at the end of what should be an enjoyable and fun shopping experience overall.  Also, think about an organizational system for your coupons, that makes sense to you and is portable enough to be taken with you as you shop.


Tip Number 4:

Be Realistic! Realism may not seem like very much fun, in a retail environment, but it has its overall place. By being honest about your budget, what colors and fits or cuts of clothing suite you most, and how you will wear the pieces in everyday life or how well each garment will stand up to your activity level, you can become more articulate and well versed, in describing your wants and needs, to the retail staff at your favorite venue’s. By making the staff at your favorite stores, jobs easier overall, you will cut down on confusion, time spent at each retail location, and how effectively the staff can help you.


I hope these tips, can help all of the thrifty and fabulous Mom’s and Dad’s out there, as you brave the retail setting’s ahead, to do your Spring shopping. Don’t forget to support local businesses, like Solo Fashion New York and Uniquely Yours and try to make the most use out of your LI Loyalty Cards. Happy Spring & Happy Shopping Y’all! Stay Trendy, Fashionable, And Always Unique! Till the next blog, keep it styling!


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