How To Incorporate Certain, Beloved Fashion Trends From Yesteryear, Into A Fashion Lover’s Modern Day Wardrobe!

  For some fashion lovers, there are certain trends, that when spotted, can evoke many emotions. Chief among them, being a whimsical sense of nostalgia, that is inspired by the popular trends, from one’s childhood and teen year’s. One can look back, through different periods in time and see how many of Hollywood’s older, more classic stars and movies, have had an affect on people. The silver screen as we know it today, has helped to create some of the most sought after looks, both past and present. By tweaking these iconic looks and outfits just a bit, fashion lover’s can incorporate yesterday’s nostalgic and charming creations, into one’s wardrobe to refresh and revitalize things. Just be sure to remember some of the following tips;


  One being, keep it age appropriate, by considering things like the length and cut of certain pieces. Erring on the side of caution, by keeping outfits on the slightly more conservative side and by making sure that they are well fitted to your frame, can make a big difference overall. Wearing things, that are disproportionated, to one’s measurements, can make one seem like they might be trying to hard to look younger or more fashionable, in unflattering and inappropriate ways. Another, great tip is to try to add some fresh and modern twists to a classic trend and by remembering the rule of moderation. Less is always more. More so, by incorporating today’s designers and brands, with yesterday’s trends, one can create a happy marriage of  both old and new. Or, by learning how to merge some of today’s more popular fabrics, textiles, and textures, with a mix of flattering colors, and details relating to older trends, to create a wonderful mix of harmony and balance. By, artfully combining, all of these necessary elements into a specific outfit or one’s overall wardrobe, you can ensure, that you will be both happy and fashionable, while demonstrating your ability to properly modernize and refresh things, to suit your basic life style needs in today’s world.


  By remembering these tips, one can recreate a similar look for today’s fashion landscape, by retaining a sense of the nostalgia and charm, we so adored in our younger years. I suppose the old adage, “fashion’s fade, style is eternal,” is as right and relevant, into today’s society, as it was, when the consumer’s love of fashion, started ages ago. To leave your own mark on fashion, is an amazing thing, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You can do this, by cultivating and rocking your own unique sense of style. As Coco Chanel once famously said, “dress shabbily and they notice the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”


  For example, there are several outfits Alicia Silverstone wore in Clueless, that perfectly illustrated 90’s fashion, at its height and popularity. Being a 90’s kid myself, I looked to the movie’s main character’s for influence, because at the time a teen’s take and ideals on fashion, influenced many a young designer and their creations. Teen’s also had a massive impact on retail marketing. The best way to sell, sell, sell, a product in an ever changing industry like fashion, is to research who makes up the most powerful demographic’s at the time and then appealing to that groups senses, particularly as it relates to art and fashion. While dressing in exact replicas, of a movies’s outfit’s today day and age, would be seen as a fashion faux paux, inappropriate, or cliched by some, that doesn’t mean an adult, can’t look for influence regarding trends in the costuming choice’s of the silver screen’s past. For instance, I took some of the outfits, I liked most from the movie and tried to give them, a new modernized spin and an updated makeover, to fit today’s world. I did this, by taking basic elements like a specific color, fabric, or trim and certain details, like for instance a bow and very strategically placing them, in one single and very specific area of focus. By concentrating on adding certain details, in very small dosed and very specific, strategic spots, a once popular trend, can become instantly more age appropriate, modern, and refreshing,  thereby breathing a breath of fresh air and new life into a once popular trend.


  One example, of a look from the movie, that really inspired me, is a merlot colored, dress that hit right above the knee, with the major detail being a bow made from ribbon, that gave the illusion of being a belt, by wrapping  all the way around the waist of the dress. Alicia Silverstone’s character wears this look to school, while another character tries to copy her look, later wearing the same dress, to a party. I tried to modernized this look, by getting a top and cardigan, in the same color as the dress. I was also, able to find a purse in the same color and shade with some very minimal bow detailing and trim on it, to match the aforementioned outfit. Because, merlot is a very popular fall color, it can be used to fill out, some of the gaps in this season’s color palettes. A small, but minimal bow, on the purse, adds some nostalgic charm and innocence, without going to crazy or being deemed inappropriate. A wider thicker headband (which, was also a very popular accessory trend, at the time), can be added to complete the look as a whole, by further incorporating the color merlot, into the visual aesthetic of the outfit as a whole. Other, very of the moment looks, that were repeated throughout the film, by various characters, included matching skirts paired with cropped fitted blazers and jackets and plaid detailing. Or long sleeved collared, faux button down tops, with mini skirts, knee high socks, and patent leather Mary Jane’s with a small, chunky, stacked heel, and strap accents. While, I understand wearing all of these trends together at once, might be considered a little inappropriate or to trite and precious for the modern adult in today’s world, I think certain aspects can be isolated and updated for a fresh and age appropriate take. A collard, button down shirt on its own, can be paired with jeans or casual pants, for a sleek every day look. A more tailored plaid or stripped suit set, in a neutral color and a more appropriate cut and length, can look much more grown up, chick, and put together. Patent leather Mary Jane’s, can be updated, by incorporating a more sophisticated heel, versus the smaller and more chunky stacked heels worn in the movie. Think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane’s, from Sex & The City, without the designer price tag, of course.


  I hope this blog, brings back some enjoyable and fond memories, from everyone’s youth. Whether, you like to use the old adage or mindset of gracefully aging or aging gracefully, one is never too old to take a trip down memory lane. Cultivating a modern day sense of fashion, yet tweaking and updating it, to include some of your favorite trends from yesteryear, is an amazing thing and a win, win for everyone. Embracing the old, in today’s fashion landscape, is after all the perfect way to stay young at heart. Happy Shopping, Y’All! Stay Fashionable, Stay Fabulous! And, don’t forget to use your Long Island Loyalty card, when visiting some of the wonderful local store’s, like Solo Fashion Boutique, that participate in the Long Island Loyalty Program. 


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