How To Update Wardrobe Staples For Summer!


Updating one’s summer wardrobe to incorporate current fashion trends, can be a bit perplexing at first! But, with a few simple tweaks here and there, it can totally be done. Below, are some great examples or tricks that can be used to brighten and freshen up your wardrobe, just in time for some summer fun in the sun!


One great tip is to buy pieces for your wardrobe, that are versatile. For instance, a longer scarf with a beautiful print or details, can be used in several different ways. Of course, it can be used as an accessory (as originally intended) tied around ones neck or bag. But, in a pinch it can also be put over your shoulders on cool and breezy nights, as a beautiful and unique shawl. It can also be tied around your waist, in a sarong type fashion, as a cover up on the beach. Another great idea, is to twist the scarf and loop it through your pant’s belt loops as a belt or twisted and tied around your waist (if wearing a dress), as a way to cinch in your waist in a snap.


Another great tip, is to buy a few pieces of statement making jewelry. These types of pieces whether necklaces, earrings, etc are very versatile. They can add punch or splash to a wardrobe in a second. All it takes, is one great piece.


A third trick is to add some fun colors or colorful prints to basic wardrobe staples, like a blazer, jumpsuit, romper, t-shirt dress, or maxi skirt. You can also make a wardrobe staple like a basic tee or top, a little sexier by adding one of this season’s top trends, which is the cold / off shoulder look, also known as the bold shoulder. Don’t be afraid to play around with color or prints, to brighten up your looks and add some seasonal cheer.



Lastly, think about adding small interesting details to wardrobe staples. For instance, an obi style tie belt, to a jacket or blazer. Textures like quiltted or jacquered fabric, etc in unexpected places or on unexpected pieces, is also a really great visual.



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