My Favorite Parts Of Dressing For Fall!

Fall brings to mind many a thing for me, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall scenic views and foliage, and some of my favorite smells like pumpkins,  spice, & apples. It also brings to mind one of my favorite seasons for fashion & dressing, besides Spring & Summer, that is! 

Keeping in mind some of my favorite fall outfits, here are some basics tips for dressing fashionably comfy, so you can stay toasty, yet chic this fall:

Tip Number 1:

Keep your color spectrum in perspective. I love burnt / spice orange and jewel toned colors like merlot, sapphire, emerald, etc. Changing one’s wardrobe colors, to bear in mind the season at hand, can help put you in the mood to celebrate that season.

Tip Number Two:

Bear in mind fabrics and how they fit into the season. For Fall, I love cozy knits, thick, plush, and warm cotton (in the form of hoodies, thicker long sleeved crew neck tees / comfy socks, etc). Everyone has a different opinion on their preference for materials, though. 

Tip Number 3:

Think of seasonal prints and don’t forget to incorporate them into your wardrobe. I love flannel, houndstooth, plaid, etc.

Tip Number 4:

Think if your accessories and consider the fabric or tone of them. For instance, I love rose gold tone items for fall and I love accessories like gloves, bags, and hats, made of fabrics like velvet, thick knits, suede, and leather (whether it be real, faux, or vegan approved).

Tip Number 5:

Think of how to incorporate the season into your beauty routine. I love taupe & inky blue / grey shades, etc for nails. I also love a merlot color for nails. I love scents with a light crisp scent, that reminds me of the season, for instance crisp green apple or a faint pumpkin spice smell. I like neutral nude shades to do a natural smoky eye and nudes or yes even browns or merlots (since the nineties are back in fashion) on lips.

Happy Shopping Y’All! I hope all of Farmingdale’s Fabulous Mom’s & Dad’s can stay chic, toasty, warm, and comfy this fall! Don’t forget to check out stores like Solo on Main Street, Uniquely Yours in Seaford, Helen Of Troy in Massapeua, Butter Leggings Boutique, Rontal Jewelry, and other great Long Island boutiques. Don’t forget to shop locally and use your LI Loyalty Card, it’s your wallet’s best friend and one of your most trusted shopping tools.

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