Once, the Holiday’s are officially finished, here are some tips to help you organize your seasonal wardrobe!

  Everyone wants to be able to look good, while saving some coin, by adhering to a tight budget, when shopping. This is especially true, during this Holiday season and applies in 2019, as well! Holiday shopping and decorating, takes a good chunk of time, out of one’s schedule and becomes more expensive with each passing year. Because, of that, looking stylish can sometimes be pushed to the bottom of the list. At best wardrobe shopping for one’s self, whether during or right after the holiday season, can be considered, the supreme retail challenge. And, at worst it’s an utter nightmare, for the occasional, casual shopper to try and navigate through. Many people, still want to try and take some care, when picking out their Holiday wardrobe. However, wardrobe shopping trips, that are left to be an after thought, make that very difficult. Leaving shopping trips to simmer on the back burner of our minds, for too long, end up wreaking havoc. Panic then sets in, as last minute trips, are finally remembered and hastily planned. One, then questions, what stores have the best deals and where one can go, to find such deals? Of course, looking good in the candid Holiday pictures, that pop up or at one’s annual family events, definitely influence are buying habits. They are the motivation, that is behind everyone’s thought process, during the season. No one wants the hassle or burden of going over budget, battling lines, or stressing over deals, just to look good in the moment. And, the fine hassle, comes into play, when one must find an effective way to organize and store seasonal clothing, once the holiday’s are over with. 

  Not to worry, I have come up with some easy suggestions, to add comfort to your style and help you to  better organize your wardrobe, once the Holiday’s are over with. These tips, can also help to reinvent or spice up classic wardrobe staples, for next year’s Holiday season. Here are some of my favorite suggestions. I find them, very useful and I hope they help you out too. I always love to see some extra sparkle and cheer, incorporated into everyone’s Holiday look and overall perspective.

  1)   Think about a color palette. It’s a great way to add some seasonal festiveness to an outfit, yet keep things simplified. Think about which colors, work best for you. Consider, things like your natural skin tone and coloring (specifically, eye and hair color). Use that as a basis, from which, to choose from. Pop’s of color, also add a touch of boldness (at least, in the short term), to the neutral mainstay’s in our closet’s. Some, festive Holiday colors, I personally love, include jewel tones or vivid, lush, rich tones, that are more intense and saturated. Sparkly metallic shades, can be a fun and unexpected way, to add some glam and glitter, to one’s look too. Examples, of jewel tones or deep shades, that I really love, include greens like pine, hunter, or emerald and deep, intense reds, like shades of burgundy, ruby, or wine. Sparkly, shiny shades of classic metallic colors, like gold and sliver, are also very fun. Deep, rich sapphire blues make a dramatic impact too. And, various tones of rose gold, are always lovely. By following your gut instinct’s, you will ultimately find out, what works best for you, overall. Color is a truly great way, to spice up your personal style, a bit. 

 Just remember to stay true to you and only buy what you feel most comfortable in. For example, I prefer wearing green, to red at Christmas. So, to tie some red into my wardrobe, I would add red accessories like a bag or shoes, to my outfit. Or, I’ll add red to my overall look, by adding it, in to my normal beauty routine. This can include, using a classic shade of red lipstick or getting a manicure, in a classic shade of red polish.  I also love something, about gold (specifically, rose gold) or shimmery, sparkly shades of silver. These colors, offset the more traditional color’s, typically expected to be seen, during the Holiday season. If one is really bold and daring, one can even try mixing shades of gold and sliver, to create an unusual combination, via color blocking. Bold color’s, even when done minimally and in moderation, still add a refreshing, unexpected, and fun twist, to one’s overall visual aesthetic. This is always a good thing. And, for the fashion conservative’s out there, who prefer to bet on the safer side of fashion and who want to stick to the classic side of the fashion spectrum, choosing smaller burst’s of bright color’s, to punctuate, neutral color palette’s, modest, smaller color additions are a smart choice.

2)  Sticking to basic clothing cuts or style, by adding a unique twist, with seasonal shapes or patterns, works well too. For instance, consider wearing a minimal amount of jewelry like a brooch or necklace, with a quirky, but subtle design, like a snowflake or tree shape. This adds some fun and charm. But, can also be added to or deleted from an outfit, in a matter of seconds, depending on the nature of the occasion, being celebrated. A classic style, like a wrap dress or thick cape / wrap, in a bright color like red or green, can also be very festive. A classic round toe or pointed toe pump, can be found in a variety of fabrics and colors, like suede and in rich, deep or bright shades of red and green. A simple wool dress coat, updated by a change the color pattern.  Basic black tights or stockings, can be given a festive makeover, by finding ones with a seasonal pattern, done in moderation.

3)  Consider, making some minor alternations or revisions to your holiday outfit choices, to add comfort. A talented tailor or seamstress, can sometime’s add hidden features to an outfit or adjust certain things causing one to be uncomfortable. These adjustments, can make a big difference to an outfit, in regards to the overall comfort and wear of a piece, the ease of fit, and the garment’s ability to make wardrobe changes, even quicker. Adding an elastic waist band or finding wardrobe options, made from stretchy, comfortable fabrics, can add comfort, especially when one’s indulged in the array of goodies, made available during the Holiday season. Small details, like antique brass buttons, can also add charm or give an outfit a sense of nostalgic, vintage appeal. Deleting extra buttons or non – function, ornamental zippers and adding things like a hidden, velcro tabs for closure, can save some extra time. One, doesn’t have to worry about fussing with too many buttons or zippers and can instead slide something on and off, with ease.

  4)  Consider making some modern adjustments, to more traditional storage options. This can be a life saver, when one wants to save some time, during the organizational and storage process of seasonal items and articles of clothing. Proper storage, can also save one’s sanity, as you will not have to waste valuable time next year, searching for, this year’s seasonal clothing.. You also won’t have to waste money on fixing or replacing damaged pieces, which may have sentimental memories or were fairly expensive when originally purchased (assuming, they are name brand or luxury / designer items). Storage cubicles, that are made of fabric and can be folded up, when not in use, are also an easier, overall storage option, because setup is a breeze. Space saving storage bags, that use suction based sealing methods, are also great for seasonal storage, in tight spots and spaces. Besides, being stored in closets or other common storage spots, after being sealed, these types of bags, can easily be kept in places like underneath one’s bed, for easy access. Proper, sturdy, well – made hangers, can make all the difference, in hanging pieces up. This is, because such hangers, help to retain the shape of a garment (seasonal or not). Especially, pieces made from fine, delicate fabrics like cashmere, satin, or silk. Jewelry boxes with individualized, compartment’s, prevent pieces like necklaces, from becoming knotted or tangled, whether they are fine jewelry items or high end costume pieces.

 Welcome, 2019! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and a fun, festive New Year’s Eve! I hope this blog helps, to create a more efficient and organized process for one’s seasonal wardrobe and can help to inspire your choices, when shopping and making purchase, during future, Holiday shopping trips. Stop into Solo Fashion Boutique or anyone of the amazing retailer’s, participating in the LI Loyalty Program. Your sure to find some style inspiration and ideas on storage accessories, to make your organizing routine, easier and far more streamlined, overall. Happy Shopping Y’All! Stay Fab, Stay Posh, & Stay Stylish! Remember, to download the LI Loyalty App on your smartphone or tablet or check out LI Loyalty’s website, to see a full list of participating retailer’s  and vendor’s in our area. 

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