Packing Light, Yet Fashionable With A Honeymoon In Mind!






A picture of a woman having problem with packing a suitcase
A picture of a woman having problem with packing a suitcase

In light of attending some recent personal events, including a bridal shower, I was inspired to think of what one might pack for a honeymoon or romantic trip. Of course, the perspective bride wants to be fashionable, yet remain a smart and lightly (as possible) packed traveler.

Here are some great, yet fashionable tips, I think would work for smart 21st century travelers, which of course can be tweaked with a perspective bride in mind!


Tip Number 1:

Special outfits for the first and last night of your trip and some special lingerie (especially, if it’s for a honeymoon or even couple’s / anniversary trip). Maybe, pack his favorite scent on you, to create memories and keep the scent in mind for matching toiletries. Also, some comfortable outfits (that would with stand being active, yet be comfortable for landing at your travel destination, then back at home again. Think of fabrics (i.e. the comfort factor, weather, etc, based on where you’ll be).


Tip Number 2:

Pack toiletries in zip lock bags (double bag everything) to prevent spillage. Make sure to check airline and port / destination regulations, to make sure toiletries meet appropriate standards. Make sure you have any necessary medication handy and in appropriate amounts to last the duration of your trip, as there might not be chain like pharmacy stores available. Also, possibly think of creating and taking a small first aid kit. Keep your passports and ID’s safe in fashionable RFID protected holders and make copies. Keep them in your carry on bags or some place safe, where they can be reached at all times and are within eye sight. Label luggage with luggage tags inside and out. His and her luggage tags, RFID holders, etc are a great way to match.


Tip Number 3:

For entertainment, download your favorite couple’s playlist onto your phone’s, using Spotify, iTunes, etc! Download his & her favorite vacay reads, onto your Kindles or Tablets, for reading enjoyment. Make sure you have the appropriate chargers for your devices, remember European chargers are different then North American / US ones!


Tip Number 4:

Try taking one pieces outfits like a jumper / romper or pretty sundress or nice slacks, that can be dressed up or down from daytime to evening, with a few key pieces and accessories, like a bag, dressy belt & shoes, jewelry, etc. When, it doubt pack natural or netural colors. Comfortable, worn in shoes are key for active couples and sightseeing in general, etc.


Have Fun! Keep your trip light, even if it means bring some kitschy bride and groomed themed items! Enjoy & Make Memories! Helen Of Troy in Massapequa and Blume’s in Patchouge are great for getting bridal trousseau / honeymoon basics! Happy Shopping, Stay Fab!

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