Spring 2017 Make-Up Trends!

Along with breathing new life into our wardrobes for Spring 2017, one must consider breathing new life into ones make-up routine, as well! With every season, there come new beauty trends, to enhance one’s looks! Some are very of the moment, trend wise and only last for the proverbial New York minute. Others, are more universal in reference to their application, as it applies to a diverse range of women (color wise) and can be a little more timeless in their life span.


  Trend Number One: Metallic, metal like shades of eyeshadow, that can create a more elegant look, perhaps for evenings out. Gold and silver are probably the most commonly done and versatile metallics. Think of a light rose gold shade or a pale pewter silver shade.


Trend Number Two: Think of the au naturel look. This look comes across, as being very simplistic and natural, so think of a very light smattering of a sheer foundation/BB cream/concealer, and powder in a shade, that’s as a close of a match to your skin tone as possible, natural colored blush and eyeshadow tones, and a lip color that closely mimics your own natural lip color. 


Trend Number Three: An interesting twist for spring, are watercolor or pastel shades of eyeshadow. Think of one of your favorite watercolor paintings and try to mimic some of the basic shades of pastels, found in the base colors of those paintings. Work with these shades to create a combination of colors, that suits your natural eye color. And, don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!


Trend Number Four: Bold Colors! A great way to spice up your look and add pop to your look is to add some bold colors. Think of a bold red lipstick or if your naturally tan / olive or darker skinned, a blush that has a pop of coral like, orange tint to it, etc. Even, a bright peachy / pink color, for lighter tones, would be fun, hip, and fresh. One can also play around with colored eyeliners, to give their eyes a pop. Think turquoise or aqua, for instance. They work great for bringing out the undertones, of those with blue / green colored eyes.


Hope these tips help, to update and refresh every fabulous mom’s beauty routine! For more ideas or help in putting together your new spring look, visit local beauty experts, like Salon Martone, Lavish Hair & Color Bar, Majestic Salon, Vivi’s Nail & Spa, Makeup By Markella, Platinum Hair & Color Studio, Glambar Salon, Salon M, Salon Fringe, & LG Salon, all of whom accept the LI Loyalty Card! Stay Fab, Y’all! Happy Spring! Get out there and rock it!




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