Suggestions For Getting The Most Out Of One’s Daily Beauty Routine’s!

  In today’s market place, seasoned shopper’s everywhere, are looking to save some coin, while getting the most out of their favorite beauty products and the latest fashions from their favorite retailer’s. Maximizing the utility and purpose of one’s fashion and beauty mainstays, can really help to stretch one’s money a little farther, which in today’s economy and marketplace, isn’t necessarily a bad idea. One way to save money, is to consider products  and accessories, that pull double duty. While, most shopper’s think of this shopping tip, when buying things like everyday household items or even groceries, it doesn’t necessarily strike one, while shopping for fashion and beauty staples. By buying items that, can be used in several different ways, you are saving some money, saving space, and using your creativity to find the uncommon and unique in common place things.

  Tip Number One:

Think of single beauty products, that can be used in different ways. For example, one product can serve as both a blush and a highlighter, depending on the color chosen and how it’s applied. When applied a bit more thickly using several coats, a lightweight color stick with a creamy base, can serve as a blush, when blended in properly. When used with a lighter hand, the same color stick, can be used to contour and highlight specific areas of one’s bone structure.

Tip Number Two:

Focus on newer products on today’s beauty market scene, that can successfully merge the purpose of at least two products into one. A great example, is micellar water. It is a product similar to a liquid toner, that combines the benefits of a cleansing solution, with a makeup remover, so you can cleanse and tone your face, while removing makeup, all in one easy step.


Tip Number Three:

Hair products like dry shampoo, combine the cleansing aspect of a shampoo, with the benefits of a styling product, that can absorb excess oil and dirt. They also offer the benefit of being portable, in a way that multiple cleansing products wouldn’t be, especially if one travels, rather frequently or has a very hectic schedule.


Tip Number Four:

Think of using accessories in unexpected ways, to help fill in some of the gaps in one’s wardrobe. A longer, very chic scarf can transform one’s look from day to evening. It can be tied in several ways during the day, like around one’s neck, around one’s head as a head wrap, on the handle of one’s purse, or even twisted and pulled through one’s belt loops, as a fashionable alternative to a traditional belt. When transitioning into an evening look, a longer scarf in a neutral color, with a little sparkle or shine can be used a unique wrap or shawl.


Hope these tips have provided, a unique perspective into getting the most out of one’s fashion and beauty staples. Stay Cool & Fashionable, This Summer My Fellow Fabulous Farmingdale Mom’s & Dad’s! Happy Shopping Y’All! Be sure to stop into some great local merchants like Solo Fashion New York, to check out the latest trends and styles and use your Long Island Loyalty Card. Now, have fun, enjoy, and beat the heat by shopping till your drop!

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