Survival Tips For The Winter 2016 / 2017 Armageddon!


  Some make think of winter and all that it brings with it (i.e. the weather challenges involved), as an Armageddon of sorts. Many have already come to dread the Winter 2016 / 2017 season, for the bevy of weather challenges it’s bought, such as being warmer one day (considering the season), then very cold, windy, and winter like the next minute, and of course let’s not forget the dreaded bursts of snow, which have finally come a calling!


 Therefore, planning one’s day to day wardrobe can be a challenge to say the least and requires some degree of finagling and finessing! Some basic, generalized tips one can follow, will hopefully, make this planning a bit easier!


  Think about dressing in layers:

  Consider layering lightweight thermal tops, tanks, etc under thicker sweaters or shirts, in case one becomes warmer or one is naturally on the warmer you can take off a layer and be more comfy.



  Think of fabrics:

  Think of what fabrics are most comfortable fore you, but also practical given circumstances and environmental factors. Cotton can wick away moisture and keep one cool. Cozy knits, can make one feel warm, toasty, and comfy. Fleece or a nice faux fur trim or lining can also add warmth and maybe even a little big of a chick factor.


  Think of portability:

  If one travels a lot or plans on going on a vaca or weekend trip, think of the portability of some items. For instance, down coats that are lightweight and can roll up / be packable, but provide the warmth one need on the interior. Also, think of the investment needed in certain pieces. For example, Bear Paw and Ugg type boots (especially the knitted and suede like kind), can be warm, comfy, and offer insulation. But, the need to be properly stored and cared for, with appropriate cleaning during and at the end of the season.


  Accessories can show your flair and sense of personal style:

  Think of using accessories in warm and cozy knitted, fleece, or velvet like fabrics, as way of practically keeping warm, but also from a fashion stand point, showcasing one’s own personal sense of style and flair. One can use scarf’s, gloves, hats, leg warmers, tights and leggings, etc as layering pieces to show one’s individuality (by choosing colors, patterns, fabric textures, etc).


 Think of investing in basics, for different situations throughout the season, as they pop up and arise:

  For instance, investing in a pair of weather proof winter, ski like, or waterproof rain boots, can stand up to snow, slush, and rain. Especially, if one is active and outdoors a lot or into winterized sports like snowboarding, skiing, etc. Fashion boots like Uggs or knee high boots can be worn for work (if one works in a trendy environment) or a night out, just remember to treat the fabric or material of the boot accordingly, so it stands up to weather all season.

  Different coats and jackets can suit different situations. Packable, lightweight but insulated down coats are great for the outdoors. While, dress coats in sumptuous fabrics like wool and cashmere, can keep you warm and chic, at work. Care for coats (like shoe wear), is different and can vary dramatically, so take that into consideration too, based on the busy factor, you have in your lifestyle.


  Happy Shopping Y’all! Stay fab and warm! Wishing all of Farmingdale’s fabulous Mom’s and Dad’s a toasty, comfy, fun, and fashionable winter! Hoping you withstand the winter & snow Armegaddon. Enjoy! Check out Solo Boutique, Carrie’s Closet, Uniquely Yours, and other great stores for cool winter finds! Remember, to  shop locally and use your LI Loyalty Card, whenever you can!




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