Tips For Making Home Decor More Inviting For The Summer!



  Making your home and outdoor / backyard area inviting for the summer, can be a challenging  task! Maybe, you just need to spruce up your decor or maybe you need to invest in some new key / basic pieces. Either way, here are some tips to instantly refresh your home decor and make it more inviting for summer. Remember, fashion influences home decor as well.


  Tip Number 1:

Think of using bright colors or patterns or mixing and matching both to create a unique and warm / inviting atmosphere. Bright colors like coral and turquoise and bold patterns like floral or paisley patterns, instantly refresh and revitalize an environment and make it more inviting.  This works for interiors and exteriors.


  Tip Number 2:

Try adding small touches, to make things more comfy or festive. For, instance adding large colorfully done throw pillows, with bright patterns can make seating more comfortable. Adding twinkle lights to come on at dusk or a fire pit (even a small one, if within your budget), can make evenings out back more welcoming. Adding unique planters, is another great way to add colors to ones back yard. Or, try adding candles (summer scented ones, add a nice touch) or electronic ones for ambiance (for those with sensitivity or allergies to certain fragrances). Adding inexpensive buckets outdoors and placed thoughtfully around your space, filled with summer necessities like bug spray and waterproof sunscreen or entertainment for kids (if applicable, like sidewalk chalk or water toys), are considerate touches to acknowledge your guests comfort and needs.


   Tip Number 3:

Adding wireless speakers outdoors, can be a great way to add music to any gathering. Think of hiding the speakers creatively, if necessary.


  Tip Number 4:

Think of buying a unique bar cart and keeping it fully stocked, for when you are entertaining guests. Add an appropriately sized ice bucket and tongs, pretty glassware (even, if not expensive or mismatched pattern wise), smaller bowls or a compartment with individual holders and lids for keeping garnishes stored, fresh, and individualized, and a full array of whatever spirits and mixes you might need. A larger bar cart, can be used outdoors (if you have the space for it) or a smaller one for indoors. An old antique curio cabinet (for instance), can even be converted into a space for glassware, spirits and mixes, etc. Think creatively and look at things with fresh eyes. What once was old, is or can be new again, with some work and elbow grease!


Tip Number 5:

Think of materials! Wood or wicker / rattan furniture works well for outdoors and can be covered in winter. Think of canvas or durable cotton / linen materials for throw pillows, seat cushions, etc (as they can be washed or easily spot treated). Dark colors or prints in high traffic areas, can hide spots and stains made by well meaning guests, who have accidents. Also, think of getting a canopy, mesh screens, or a tent (if one’s budget allows), for high traffic areas, to ward off unwanted pests.


  Simple yet effective tips like this, can instantly spruce up your interior and exterior spaces and make summer much more effortless and fun for everyone. Happy Summer, Y’All! Enjoy & Stay Fabulous & Cool!


  Some great local shops to visit to spruce up your summer home decor needs include Fancy Free on Main Street in Farmingdale, Starkie Brother’s for gardening needs (also, in Farmingdale), Nicollette’s For The Home in Massapequa, Bella Masion in Amityville, or Main Street Antiques. Bella Masion and Nicollette’s accept the Long Island Loyalty Card.

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