Using Spring 2018’s Fashion Trends, To Make The Winter Blue’s Fade & Adding Some Pop To The Dullness Of The Season!

Using Spring 2018’s Fashion Trends, To Make The Winter Blue’s Fade Can Be Tricky, But Is More then Possible! It Can Help Add Some Pop, To Banish The Dullness Of The Season!


Buying pieces that are versatile and can work with the changing of the seasons, is also a great money saving tip. Pieces that become work horses or mainstay staples, in your wardrobe are a great way to make sure your getting your money’s worth for each piece, thereby also minimizing the need for multiple pieces and maximizes your dollar investment in your wardrobe. Fewer pieces also minimize the space needed to be used, to store your wardrobe.


One detail to look for is ruching. It’s a great way to add feminine detailing, without being to over the top. It’s a sweet detail, but isn’t overpowering done in moderation. Asymmetrical necklines, are another interesting detail, to look for. This type of neckline is a great way to draw attention to one’s shoulder, neck, and collarbone area. Patterns like polka dots in neutral colors, like black and white, can add some sweet, whimsical, or nostalgic additions to your basic wardrobe staples. Feather trim in moderation, is also an unexpected detail, say on a bag, shoes, or other accessories. Square necklines are also a flattering style, which has made itself known on dainty, restrained tops, dresses, and many other items in between. Fringe can also be a cute detail, used to spruce up accessories, like jewelry or bags and wallets. Embellished straps on slinky, cocktail dresses, demure tops, etc can add a fun twist too. And, of course last but not least, unexpected materials like straw can be used to make accessories like statement hats or the classic straw bag.


Certain color palettes like lavender and white or even dark denim pieces, can add some unexpected femininity or edge to one’s fashions choices too. Lavender slacks with a chic lavender blazer and a crisp white shirt, would be a chic statement. Or a dark denim blazer with dark denim skinny jeans or slacks and a crisp white tank (always a spring wardrobe staple). Think about pairing, colors, that might of been considered taboo in the past, in unexpected ways, for a refreshing and unexpected change. For example, red and pink, or a rainbow color effect. To minimize the palette from looking to overdone, try these color combos in moderation, instead of a head to toe look. For instance, bold, red shoes, set against a demure pale, baby pink outfit or hot pink accessories like a fun, bold bag against a white or light pastel outfit. Rainbow patterns can punch up accessories like the inner lining of a bag.


I hope these fashion tips inspire all of Farmingdale’s Fabulous Mom’s & Dad’s, to stay chic in what’s left of Winter’s dreary and bleak weather and gives you something to look forward to in the warmer seasons ahead. Happy Shopping Y’all! Stay Fab! Check out stores like Farmingdale’s own Solo Fashion New York Boutique to start shopping the latest trends and don’t forget to use your Long Island Loyalty card.




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