What To Look Forward To In Spring 2017!

  With the run of gloomy, wintery weather hitting Long Island and most of the East Coast lately, I think we can all agree Spring 2017 can’t come any sooner! Ringing in Spring 2017 with bang, however requires one to refresh their spring wardrobe and may give one some pause as how to tweak their wardrobe and make it a little more trendy and fashionable! In light, of NYC’s recent fashion week displaying designer’s looks for Spring 2017, here are some tips for retooling one’s wardrobe:


Think about a bold pattern, which can grab attention and add an interesting twist, to an otherwise bland outfit. Fashion week insiders, predict stripes will be a popular pattern for Spring.


Khaki will be another big must for Spring 2017, according to fashion insiders. So, try incorporating Khaki into your wardrobe, maybe a chick, belted, khaki, safari jacket or a khaki shift dress.


Think of using a bold, eye catching color to update your wardrobe. Shades of yellow, will be hot, hot, hot according to fashion experts.


Consider details like ruffles or a bare / cold shoulder to spruce up one’s closet. Insiders, think small details like these can instantly give a refreshing, but sweet updates to spring’s collection of clothes. Bra tops layered under tees, tops, or dresses can also add an interesting, eye catching detail. Even, floral patterns can add a fem twist to things to. As can, retro prints like 60’s inspired Pucci prints or abstract / modern patterns.


Go retro with kitten heels, they had a sweet, yester year look to current and modern looks. They are comfortable for regular wear and can dress an outfit up or down, depending on what their paired with.


Hope these tips, have everyone looking forward to Spring and will hopefully get you motivated to start shopping as Spring collections hit local stores, near us! Local shops like Solo Fashion Boutique, Carrie’s Closet, and Uniquely Yours offer some great options. As always, if you have a Long Island Loyalty card, please check the website to see which stores take the loyalty card. Happy Shopping Y’all! Stay Fabulous! untitleduntitled


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