With A Chill In The Air, Spice Up Your Wardrobe With Some New Outerwear!


   With a chill, becoming noticeably detectable in the air recently, contemplating ways to warm up, is something bound to cross everyone’s mind lately. So, why not think about sprucing up your wardrobe, with some stylish outerwear.


  Here are some tips to consider, when buying new outer wear for the Fall / Winter 2016 season:


  Think of the fit & return policy of the store / brand:

  Try on different sizes, you might be a size up or down, from what you normally wear, depending on whether you want a snug or loose fit. Think of the length, do you want a shorter length, mid – length, or longer coat. Bear in mind, the return policy of the store or brand, as return policies can very, time wise.


  Think Of What You Want In Your Coat:

  Insulation, type of down or fabrics used (like wool, etc), quality of construction, environmental protection factors (like being windproof or water resistant), fleece lining for extra warmth, and hoods, are all things to be considered based on your outdoor activity level, comfort, etc.


   Incorporate your style into your outerwear and have fun with picking pieces out:

   Think of your lifestyle and what you need outerwear for. Incorporate that into your choices. If you work out doors, go for puffer styles with protection from the elements. If you work in a corporate environment, think of a military inspired coat or chick details like faux fur, for a trendy look. Natural colors and classic patterns go with everything, while bright colors and funky patters add some fun, to an otherwise boring Winter landscape.


  Have Fun, Shopping For This Season’s Great Outerwear Trends! Stay Warm & Toasty! Happy Shopping Y’all! Stay Fab!


  Land’s End (there is a section at Sear’s in Sunrise Mall), Under Amour, and North Face amongst other brands, all make some great Winter options.


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