Trendy vs. Classic Aesthetics For Your Kitchen

Trendy vs. Classic

It’s like building an outfit.

JCrew Outfit (captured off of Google)

You see so many gorgeous pictures of kitchens in magazines and online. You’ll find yourself endlessly browsing the web for hours saving picture after picture because you are torn whether to go with the trendy styles that are just so beautiful and unique or to stay neutral and classic. What to do?!? Luckily, we’ve got the answers to help you make concrete decisions that we think will make your space just as stunning as your inspiration photos.

We’d like to refer to our next steps as the “Jenna Lyons Effect”. Who is Jenna Lyons you ask? She is the creative mastermind behind JCrew. Jenna was able to take classically styled wardrobe staples such as the pencil skirt, blazer, pinpoint oxford and even a cardigan, and transform them into the most iconic outfits. She used texture, pattern and color to achieve this look. Her accessories, oh my… if you don’t own a JCrew necklace, you’re missing out on the most sparkly unique piece of costume jewelry you might ever own.

The “Jenna Lyons Effect” simply put, is the epitome to how you build memorable outfit, or in this case, kitchen. Lets use your floors as the first example. Jenna would start with a great pair of pants. Your floors are your blue jeans. It should be classic, the staple of room and you can get a little creative by distressing it. Otherwise, your floors should get you through years of aesthetic changes. Your perimeter cabinetry, the cabinetry against the walls in the space, should be your secondary staple. Think of them as your white t-shirt you pair with your classic blue jeans.

The cabinetry style should be something that again, can get you through the stages of your HomeGoods binge shopping adventures. The shaker door style is so popular for this very reason. It’s noncommittal design blends well with nearly anything you throw at it. You can get a little creative by changing the inner lip profile on the door to have a bull nosed edge or a beveled edge for some interest.

Don’t let the white t-shirt concept fool you. Your kitchen does not have to be white! We repeat, YOUR KITCHEN DOES NOT HAVE TO BE WHITE! Be practical when choosing the color of the cabinetry. White painted cabinets are nearly 80% of what the industry is producing these days due to demand. Far too often, active families choose white cabinetry and are not prepared for the upkeep or the wear and tear that shows. White photographs well… in fact the best but don’t be fooled by it’s glistening beauty! If you can’t do white, consider a pale gray or taupe color for painted, a semi-opaque stain or even stained cabinetry altogether. The quality of your cabinetry will also greatly impact how they will perform to the test of time.

Kitchen designed by Amanda Giuliano photography by Riverhead Building Supply

Now, the fun can begin! Your blazer, the layered item you choose to compliment your classic outfit, will begin to bring this masterpiece to life. If you have the luxury of having an island, this can be one of your layered items. This is the opportunity where you can do a fun color or stain that is slightly more edgy to pop the space. You can consider the accent color you wanted to add to the space, such as navy for example. Bold and yummy! Your next layered item is your countertop. Keep it consistent! Consider your countertops your scarf. It’s a little flashy and a must have. With Quartz being the popular choice for so many homeowners now, you can choose nearly any color or look. You want the look of marble without the upkeep? No problem with Quartz!

Smartstone by Paragon Kitchens, AU

Next up is your pumps. They’ve got to be comfortable, take the abuse but also be super cute. Your backsplash tiles are your pumps! Get a little daring here, there are alternatives to subway tile. Cement tiles and fire clay tiles are some of the most beautiful items trending on the market. They have soft colors, stunning patterns and if you want to change it up in 10 years, it’s not the end of the world!

Photo and design by Marchese Construction

Our outfit is almost complete! It’s time for that costume jewelry girlfriend! Lighting fixtures, cabinetry hardware and even plumbing fixtures don’t have to break the bank. You can do trendy! Go for it! Get GOLD if you want or matte black. We dare you! Show it off until you’re bored of it, then swap it out. There’s no guilt to be felt on this one ladies! You can have fun on this part and step outside the box because these items are not permanent fixtures in the space.

DeVol Kitchen

We’re almost ready to step out into the world with our new look but… don’t… forget… your… lipgloss! Paint colors are the lipgloss for your room. Give it a pop, go dark, go light. Whatever your heart desires! Paint is the easiest aspect of any space in your home and the easiest to change. Stop letting people get in your head about color. Head to your local Sherwin Williams store to chat with someone about which color is the best for you. Finally, don’t forget to check out our next blog post to get more deets about your kitchen renovation project. We will be listing the 10 must have accessories for your farmhouse kitchen look.

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