How to Be More Spontaneous while Traveling

To experience as many attractions and museums as possible at the destinations you visit, you often must stick to a strict schedule. While this is ideal for checking boxes off your to-see list, it leaves little room to be spontaneous. Which is a shame, since spontaneity can lead to magical moments you would have never experienced on an over-scripted vacation.

Here are four tips to add a sprinkle of spontaneity to your next travel adventure:

Location, Location, Location – Many of the tour operators we work with know the importance of staying at a hotel that’s located in the heart of your destination. With numerous attractions, restaurants, museums and public transportation options within walking distance, a new adventure awaits every time you step out the hotel’s front door.

Rank Your “Must-See” – Put a value on all of the attractions you think you “must see” and rank them. Then delete some of those that fell to the bottom of the list. This will free up time better spent to see where the day takes you.

Sight See Early – Once you have your list of “must see” attractions, make it a point to visit them early in the day. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to spend your afternoons however you want.

Enjoy a Plan-Free Day – Several cruise itineraries feature a day at sea, where passengers have no choice but to relax and let the salty ocean breeze gently guide them from activity to activity. On your next journey, be sure to plan one of these plan-free days for yourself. Your spontaneous spirit will be better off for it!

Lisa Gardner, Owner/VP Travel Services, 3A-Travel Agency

Owner, VP Travel Services

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