How to Keep Up Your Exercise Routine While on Vacation

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Routine is key to keeping up your exercise regimen. You go to the gym on Mondays and Thursdays after work, like clockwork. You jog around the neighborhood on Saturday mornings, like clockwork. Then comes your vacation—and as wonderful as it is, it still upsets that clock working schedule. Fear not, for you still have several options to keep your routine going wherever you travel to.

In Room Exercises – You’d be surprised how many exercises you can perform around your hotel room, beyond simple push-ups and sit-ups. With only a little room, you could do shoulder-stand squats (great for your core), lying knee tucks with the office chair or even dips from the desk.

Aim for a Gym – When booking your vacation through our agency, be sure to mention that you want a hotel with a gym. Not all hotel gyms are created equal, but even the barest ones have enough equipment to get the heart rate racing.

Early Morning Tour – If you’re in a foreign city, wake up as early as possible, preferably before the local workers begin their commutes, and take a brisk stroll or jog in the early morning light. This is a great way to get your bearings on your destination, as well as watch its culture slowly come to life.

Exercise Your Vacation Muscles – Whether you realize it or not, you still burn a lot of calories on a typical vacation. These spontaneous workouts usually involve running after buses, swimming with your kids, walking around museums, performing arm extensions to take the perfect selfie, and queuing…never underestimate the muscular fortitude it takes to stand in lines. Embrace these tiny workouts and enjoy your vacation knowing that, even though your routine was interrupted, at least you’ll be mentally fit on your return home.

Lisa Gardner, Owner/VP Travel Services, 3A-Travel Agency

Owner, VP Travel Services

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