Why Smart People Buy Travel Insurance!

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When it comes to Travel Insurance Protection many wonder, “Why do I need travel insurance?”  The answer is that policies not only protect you before your trip, but also while on your trip.

Did you know that when traveling outside of the US you normally do not have Medical and/or Dental insurance included within your own health coverage?  That includes International Travel, and also traveling to the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas.

Travel Insurance includes coverage for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Dental, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, Travel/Trip Delay, Missed Connections, Lost or Stolen Luggage/certain property, and so much more as long as it’s a covered reason in your policy (and there are a wealth of covered reasons).

Here you will find the Top 10 Reasons that Smart People Buy Travel Insurance.

In addition, the following are some of my client’s personal experiences as to why they needed to cancel their trips*:

1. Client had a car accident and could not make their trip.
2. Clients were having marital issues, and did not feel going to an All Inclusive was best at this time (unlimited drinking).
3. Client did not want to travel during potential hurricane and bad weather at destination.
4. Client did not get time off approved by employer, after already having paid trip in full.
5. Client’s Pet Sitter canceled and they could not find a replacement.
6. Client’s father very ill, and client did not want to travel at such time due to circumstances.
7. Client’s mother was sick, and client did not want to travel at such time due to potential need to be home.
8. Client was on trip and unhappy with hotel/resort, and wanted a refund of unused days if she checked out early.

*coverage varies by policy.

The following information is required to quote travel insurance (This is only valid for US residents):

# of travelers
Legal names of travelers
D/O/B’s of travelers
Departure Date
Return Date
Total cost of all expected pre-departure paid “Non Refundables”
Date of First Deposit (first payment towards the trip)
Has Final Payment been applied yet?
State of Residence (If more than 1 state please advise all, and trip cost per passenger)
2 main suppliers for trip (ie: Airline, Cruise Line, Tour company, etc.)

Your vacation or travel is an investment, so if you book your next trip through an online travel site, direct with the supplier, or through 3A-Travel Agency, please protect your travel investment as you would your house, car, jewelry, etc., with a Travel Insurance Policy.

Contact us and let our Professionals assist you with securing the proper coverage for your needs:


Lisa Gardner, Owner/VP Travel Services, 3A-Travel Agency

Owner, VP Travel Services

I’m an experienced and passionate traveler, and through my personalized service I can offer you a shortcut to living your travel and vacation dreams. Please visit frequently to see the exciting information available for your vacationing pleasure, including fun facts, and handy travel tips. Please feel free to contact me at Lisa@3A-Travel.com, if I can help you with a quotation, and I can offer you my personalized service planning your perfect vacation. -Lisa “Creating Memories, One Vacation at a Time”

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