Starting a Fitness Program Successfully


Thanksgiving has come and gone. Which means it’s time for… That’s right….. New Year’s Resolutions! December is an important month to research, reflect, evaluate, and (most importantly) execute the path to a healthier you! Here are six pointers to set you up for success as you explore a fitness program:
1. Be uncomfortable: No one has ever lost weight, built muscle, or learned something new within their own comfort zone. Being uncomfortable is the critical factor in any form of human growth and development. Be open to learning something new, meeting new people, and yes, being physically sore.

2. Create a plan:

Review your schedule. What is your work schedule like? Your family schedule? Volunteer responsibilities? Religious activities? Is the only time you are free to work out is at 4:30 AM (like me)? If so, are you willing to get up earlier to make it happen. (see point #1). Review your energy levels. When are you most alert? Most tired? I personally am brilliant in the morning and extremely not so after 5PM.

Set your goals. Do you have a weight loss goal? A wellness goal? A maintenance goal? A nutrition goal? You don’t need to have all of these just yet… These are just examples different types of goals that transcend way beyond the scale (which is what we focus WAY TOO MUCH on).

3. Evaluate your interests: Fitness must be fun. However, this concept of “fun” is individual and arbitrary. Assess yourself…. Do you like to dance? Lift weights? Run? What would you like to explore that would be completely new for you (for example, kickboxing)? Again, refer to point #1.

4. Ask for fitness items as holiday gifts: The thought of this type of request alone might make you break a sweat. Family members may be shocked… But they also may be supportive, and even want to join you in your health and wellness journey. Creating a targeted list of fitness apparel will also eliminate the mentality of “I don’t’ have the proper gear” as a roadblock to getting you started.

5. Evaluate the value of your financial fitness investments: Joining a support group may seem expensive at first, but if it works, its value cannot be measured. The fitness industry is a 60 billion dollar per year industry, largely because people buy a fitness membership (of some kind) and never show up to do the work.

6. Do a dry run: You are almost there! You have picked a fitness program. You have made your holiday list. You have the desire. Now it’s time to execute. 1-2 weeks before your official start date, try different workouts. Try different times of the day. Try different recovery/energizing options. These mini “experiments” will set you up for success as you “officially” tackle your new goals.
Now go get what is yours…. Happy December!

Dana Battaglia

Dana Battaglia is the owner and CEO of Coach Dana Fit. I'm a mom, a wife, a professional, a fitness enthusiast who loves to eat healthy foods and eat them frequently. My mission is to engage others in the process of wellness, leading to a meaningful and happy life. I would love to help you reframe your relationship with food and fitness to make you a happier and healthier version of you. I'm focused on helping others help themselves with fitness, nutrition, and online accountability Please email me at, or find me on FB at #healthyhappyhuman

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